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Country : ID
> DeparturesFlightDestinationTime
MondayQZ7680Surabaya (ID)06:45
MondayQZ262Singapore (SG)07:05
MondayQZ7518Denpasar (ID)19:35
WednesdayQZ202Kuala Lumpur (MY)07:30
WednesdayQZ7522Denpasar (ID)21:20
ThursdayQZ7510Denpasar (ID)05:10
ThursdayQZ200Kuala Lumpur (MY)05:15
ThursdayQZ7526Denpasar (ID)14:20
ThursdayQZ7550Yogyakarta (ID)14:35
SaturdayQZ7526Denpasar (ID)14:30
SundayQZ706Sorong (ID)01:20
SundayQZ610Praya (ID)08:35
SundayQZ7526Denpasar (ID)14:30
SundayQZ208Kuala Lumpur (MY)14:35
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayQZ7681Juanda International Airport (ID)06:20
MondayQZ201Kuala Lumpur (MY)15:34
MondayQZ7551Yogyakarta (ID)17:47
MondayQZ7693Surabaya (ID)19:55
MondayQZ209Kuala Lumpur (MY)20:12
TuesdayQZ7681Juanda International Airport (ID)06:19
TuesdayQZ263Singapore (SG)11:03
TuesdayQZ201Kuala Lumpur (MY)15:29
TuesdayQZ253Bangkok (TH)00:08
TuesdayQZ7533Denpasar (ID)21:47
WednesdayQZ7681Juanda International Airport (ID)06:17
WednesdayQZ7553Yogyakarta (ID)13:01
WednesdayQZ7693Juanda International Airport (ID)19:49
ThursdayQZ7681Juanda International Airport (ID)06:17
ThursdayQZ7553Yogyakarta (ID)12:40
ThursdayQZ613Praya (ID)20:33
ThursdayQZ691Surabaya (ID)23:55
FridayQZ7681Juanda International Airport (ID)06:21
FridayQZ7533Denpasar (ID)21:53
FridayQZ269Singapore (SG)22:21
SaturdayQZ7681Juanda International Airport (ID)06:20
SaturdayQZ703Semarang (ID)15:47
SaturdayQZ203Kuala Lumpur (MY)17:04
SaturdayQZ207Kuala Lumpur (MY)23:28
SundayQZ241Johor Bharu (MY)00:32
SundayQZ7681Juanda International Airport (ID)06:13
SundayQZ7689Surabaya (ID)08:50
SundayQZ7693Juanda International Airport (ID)19:49
SundayQZ613Praya (ID)20:43
SundayQZ265Singapore (SG)20:42
SundayQZ253Bangkok (TH)00:39
SundayQZ7555Yogyakarta (ID)00:00
SundayQZ691Surabaya (ID)00:22
SundayQZ269Changi International Airport (SG)00:09
Disclaimer : the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
QZ207 on 11/2019
QZ241 on 11/2019
QZ7519 on 11/2019
QZ7555 on 11/2019
QZ7519 on 11/2019
QZ7519 on 11/2019
QZ7557 on 11/2019
QZ241 on 10/2019
QZ7523 on 10/2019
QZ691 on 10/2019
QZ7555 on 10/2019
QZ7519 on 10/2019
QZ201 on 10/2019
QZ7523 on 10/2019
QZ7519 on 10/2019
QZ7555 on 10/2019
QZ7517 on 09/2019
QZ7527 on 09/2019
QZ7517 on 09/2019
QZ7555 on 09/2019
QZ253 on 09/2019
QZ7517 on 08/2019
QZ7517 on 08/2019
QZ253 on 08/2019
QZ7519 on 08/2019
QZ7551 on 07/2019
QZ7517 on 07/2019
QZ7523 on 07/2019
QZ7517 on 07/2019
QZ7517 on 06/2019
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